BullCutter® is about giving dealers a real competitive SALES advantage from their spend on digital advertisinga spend that is so often currently not helping and, in fact, likely hurting their sales.  Helping dealers compete better to win sales has been my personal dream for over three years; it started out as a way to use my consulting skills and dealership knowledge to review CRMs and websites for effectiveness for dealer sales, but now it has grown now to include online advertising audits and corrections to gain showroom traffic and sales. Because sales is what the car business is all about.

On that note, I have sometimes been blessed to see and audit excellence at a dealership, and I am proud to say it can work well. Too much of the time, though, “non-excellent” vendors use confusion and buzzwords to bill for little result. Or at least a “little-explained” result. Versus the bill. Versus the sales results.

I believe that it is now my work to gather my online advertising experience and expertise and deliver BullCutter®: We Cut The Bull …and You WIN! 🙂

Dealers will benefit. Greatly. Read more on this site for details! Including the BullCutter® Services for CRM, Leads, BDC, and website. We can help you with it all.

Thank you,

Keith Shetterly
Owner www.BullCutter.com


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