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We have helped dealers get better sales results from their advertising and processes plus hundreds of thousands of dollars of spend under control to date. For dealers facing lots of expensive confusion who are worried about over-spending with vendors on advertising, websites, BDC, and CRM: We Are BullCutter™, and We Cut The BULL … and YOU WIN.™

The BullCutter.com® SERVICES:

Here are our four services that we offer to get your SALES and GROSS moving up and expenses under control:

Ad2Sales™ (Our Core Service)

BullCutter.com® Remote Online Advertising SALES  Production Tune-Up.
Yes, you will WIN against your competition by not making the digital advertising mistakes THEY make–by getting your vendors to work to win with you rather than just sending your their invoice. You  can know what works and what doesn’t, and also know what advertising vendor is screwing you and what advertising vendor is helping you. It’s likely they are billing you for things they’re not delivering. This is the most valuable remote service.


BullCutter.com® Remote Sales-Enabling Website, GMB, and Social SCRUB
Dead links. Bad landing pages. Poor or no specials. Bad directions and phone numbers (yes, bad phone numbers on a website are common in our industry!). Hidden visitor-stealing 3rd-party data pixels. And so on. Every page. And your Google My Business (GMB) gets set-up or scrubbed, along with your Facebook page.


BullCutter.com® Remote CRM Scrub and Fix
Your CRM is complex. Hard to use. Nobody likes it. It’s a total nerd tool and is bullied by EVERYbody. We take a look and rip out useless tasks and deliver better text and email templates and follow-up schedules. We remove the excuses–so that your sales processes are supported by your CRM, and stop the sales-killing case where your processes are LIMITED by your CRM.


BullCutter.com® Full-Service On-Site Consulting for Advertising, CRM, Leads, & BDC, 
Look. Your staff doesn’t use the CRM because it really IS too complex. The BDC fights with the sales floor. The Internet Department doesn’t make the right effort. It’s a challenge from poor processes and neglect, and we know how to get the best out of your floor, BDC, CRM, and Internet Department–AND your digital advertising, which your vendor makes unnecessarily confusing. And we do this in person. In fact, we love to be on-site with dealers because we came from retail! Specifically, BullCutter™ on-site consulting for our advertising audit, sales process improvements, website scrubs, BDC, and CRM is a winner for us and you!

Our BullCutter.com® PRICING:

We are extremely valuable and very reasonably priced, and our services can usually be done with a one-time fee

REMOTE: To give you a ballpark idea on what we commonly charge for remote services, depending on the work agreed to, most of our remote BullCutter.com® clients pay one-time $1500 to $3,000. As well, some clients in very difficult situations will also sign up for monthly remote monitoring and BullCutter™ assistance for a feet of $500 to $1000 a month. That’s all completely up to you once we wrap the first work of getting your confusing vendors in line and working/charging properly. And pricing for that is agreed to by you up-front. With BullCutter™, you always know.

ON-SITE: This cost varies with your need, but to give you an idea we charge around half of the cost of other consultants. Regardless, once we engage with you, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, what we do and why, what the state of your vendors’ contribution to your bottom line sales really is, and what we recommend going forward and why. And we’ll use clear, human terms and speech–like we’re using here–that won’t be confusing.

Because it all needs to be clear that way, but some vendors have taken to the practice of billing YOU for the confusion THEY cause. And for things they don’t tell you they sell, like your data.

BullCutter.com® stops that costly confusion. Cold.

We get your bad vendors, advertising, and processes out of the way of YOUR SALES SUCCESS. How valuable is that? Priceless.

But we’re a lot more reasonable than that.

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